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Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is next to impossible without the help of experienced personal injury lawyers.  Don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

Our personal injury lawyers in Virginia Beach have decades of experience representing car accident victims throughout Hampton Roads, including Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.

Like it or not, the odds are stacked against the hard-working person who doesn’t know the rules of the game when it comes to the courts and the law. We understand the nuances, procedures, and tendencies of each city’s courts, and that knowledge may be the edge your case needs.

What To Do After a Car Accident
Our personal injury lawyers in Virginia Beach recommend that you receive proper medical attention. Even if you think you escaped the crash with only minor injuries, you need to consult your doctor to rule out any major complications that may arise. Do not put it off for even one or two days because:

  • You need to be sure you haven’t suffered a more serious injury than you realize. Life-threatening internal injuries may not be immediately apparent and medical professionals need to examine you.
  • Delaying medical attention runs the risk of the insurance company trying to claim that your injuries did not come from the car accident, but occurred during the time between the car accident and when you visited the doctor.

Cooperate with the police even though a police report is not admissible in court.  The police officer may be called to testify at a deposition or trial and you do want to leave a good impression with the officer.

Do not say anything or sign anything with the insurance company before you have spoken with your personal injury lawyer. Do not under any circumstances provide a recorded statement as what you say may very well be used in court against you.

Report the car accident to your insurance company. Be clear and concise and stick to the facts. You will tell your story many times during the case and consistency is vital. Keep it simple and factual.

Finally, to protect your rights, contact one of our personal injury lawyers in Virginia Beach so you will have someone in your corner who has done this many times.

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