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“Greg Klein has been our lawyer for 12 years and in that he has handled lawsuits for two family members against insurance companies and won. He has gone up against the DOD and won. Additionally he has handled wills and other family matters. Big or small Greg gives common sense affordable recommendations.”

Steve, Virginia Beach

Very Professional Attorney
Mr. Klein did a wonderful job for my family. He handled a personal injury case for us in a very professional manner. We were shown compassion and respect during a difficult time. I can’t thank him enough for all of the assistance he gave us in getting everything settled as quickly as he was able.

Terry, Virginia Beach

Absolutely the Best Lawyer !!
Mr. Shall is the absolute best lawyer. He’s always on top of what’s going on in my case. You never have to question anything about your case. He has it taken care of. My case has been very long and difficult life changing experience for me. But, Mr. Shall has and continues to make sure I’m being taken care of with medical and payments. I truly don’t know what i would do without Mr. shall on my side. Thank you Mr. Shall for all your hard work.

Theresa, Virginia Beach

THRILLED with the way Greg Klein handled my case
“A meritless lawsuit was filed against me by a crooked businessman who had a ton of money to throw around to greedy, unscrupulous lawyers in Virginia Beach. These guys were SO good, they had the judges believing them. I needed a sharp lawyer who could make sure I was not done in by this clown and his many lawyers. I say many lawyers because his lawyers would part ways with him once he asked them to step TOO far over the line. In the end, the case was dismissed and the corrupt businessman was sent to prison for 10 years for his other business activities.

“I was THRILLED with the way Greg Klein handled my case. He listened to how I wanted to proceed, explained to me what was doable and what was not, then led the way. Very impressive. I highly recommend him to anyone going to court for anything!”

David, Virginia Beach

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