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Written by our workers’ compensation lawyers in Virginia Beach

There are many reasons that employers and insurance carriers deny workers’ compensation benefits. At KRS Law, we hope it does not happen to you. For nearly 15 years, our workers’ compensation lawyers have helped injured workers navigate the complex world of workers’ compensation in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and all of Hampton Roads.

If you have been serious injured at work, we recommend you talk with a worker’s compensation lawyer sooner rather than later. Below are some KRS Law tips on when to consult with a lawyer:

  • You are having trouble getting the medical attention you need. KRS Law workers’ compensation lawyer Barry Rowell says medical treatment denials are common in workers’ compensation cases, and may even occur if the underlying claim is accepted by the insurance company. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can take the appropriate steps to get the necessary medical treatment authorized and paid, including filing a claim for benefits on the issue.
  • When you have a preexisting condition. If you have a preexisting condition, there may be an increased chance that workers’ compensation benefits will be denied. It is important to know that you may still be entitled to benefits, and an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle these claims can help you navigate these issues.
  • When your employer asks you to see a specific doctor. You are entitled to a choice of three doctors, called a panel of physicians, when your accident first occurs as well as in certain other circumstances. Don’t let your employer or the insurance company force you to see their doctor for your initial medical treatment. We recommend you call a workers’ compensation lawyer if you are told you do not have a choice. If the insurance carrier asks you to attend an independent medical examination (IME), you may be required to go, but should use caution, says KRS Law workers’ compensation lawyer Barry Rowell. IMEs can be used to deny certain benefits or reduce the settlement value of your case. With the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, you stand a better chance of fighting these problems.

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