What Clients Say About Greg Klein

Steve – Virginia Beach
Greg Klein has been our lawyer for 12 years and in that time he has handled lawsuits for two family members against insurance companies and won. He has gone up against the DOD and won. Additionally he has handled wills and other family matters. Big or small, Greg gives common sense affordable recommendations.”

Terry, Virginia Beach
“Mr. Klein did a wonderful job for my family. He handled a personal injury case for us in a very professional manner. We were shown compassion and respect during a difficult time. I can’t thank him enough for all of the assistance he gave us in getting everything settled as quickly as he was able.”

David, Virginia Beach
“A meritless lawsuit was filed against me by a crooked businessman who had a ton of money to throw around to greedy, unscrupulous lawyers in Virginia Beach. These guys were SO good, they had the judges believing them. I needed a sharp lawyer who could make sure I was not done in by this clown and his many lawyers. I say many lawyers because his lawyers would part ways with him once he asked them to step TOO far over the line. In the end, the case was dismissed and the corrupt businessman was sent to prison for 10 years for his other business activities.

“I was THRILLED with the way Greg Klein handled my case. He listened to how I wanted to proceed, explained to me what was doable and what was not, then led the way. Very impressive. I highly recommend him to anyone going to court for anything! I consider him the best lawyer in Virginia Beach.”

Firehouse Auto Sales & Trade, Norfolk
“Greg Klein is a wonderful attorney… beyond impressed by the way he presented our case and very thankful we had him represent us.”

Mitchell, Norfolk
“I highly recommend Mr. Greg Klein. His attentiveness to my needs far exceeded my expectations; he goes the extra mile. Mr. Klein offers sound advice and delivers results for his clients. I always felt he put my best interests ahead of anything else, including his own profits. Mr. Klein has been my lawyer for over 5 years and I intend to retain him for as long as I can!”

Brian, Virginia Beach
“I want to acknowledge attorney Greg Klein for his professionalism while handling my litigation. Lawsuits can be very uncomfortable and stressful while you are going through the process. Mr. Klein made me feel very comfortable and kept me informed about the case every step of the way. I would be proud to refer my family, friends and even strangers to him, and I am sure they will be happy with his legal expertise. In all cases, I had favorable outcomes due to his expertise.”

Cynthia, Virginia Beach
“Words cannot express how happy I am with the way Greg Klein handled my personal injury case. As someone who was hesitant to use a lawyer in the first place, he made me feel at ease the moment I walked through the door.

“I’m so glad I got his help instead of trying to take care of things on my own with “armchair lawyer-ing” powered by Google. The internet makes taking on your own case seem deceptively simple. It’s not!

“Greg is so genuine and truthful. That’s important with a personal injury lawyer! He will guide you through your case and give you sage and sound advice on how to proceed. Listen to him. He’s got the experience and a great team!

“I would recommend KRS Law in a heartbeat to anyone looking for exceptional representation.”

Sonia, Virginia Beach
“Hiring a lawyer is not something anyone wishes to go through as it is more than likely a difficult time. Mr. Klein put me at ease from the moment we met. I could not have been happier with him and his staff. He always answered my emails and phone calls promptly. He took his time as he listened to me tell ‘my story’. Not once did I feel rushed or timed. I just cannot say one negative thing about him! If you are in search of a good employment lawyer, he will not disappoint. AND…biggest of all I had no idea I still had any funds left in my retainer, he was so honest to tell me after my case he was sending me a check! Simply amazing. Thank you Mr. Klein and staff!”

Misha, Virginia Beach
“Greg Klein is a hidden gem. I was told I have NO CASE by the most established and well-known law firms in the Hampton Roads area. I continued to search in NY, D.C., FL, MA, IL. I called the biggest law firms in the country only to hear I have a very complicated case. NO one was willing to take the risk. Greg Klein took the case and won. Do business with KRS Law with zero hesitation!”

Heather, Virginia Beach
“I was given over to Greg Klein after having years of slow progress from another lawyer and Greg immediately made me feel optimistic about my case with a very professional, enjoyable first encounter.

“After our first meeting, Greg was extremely responsive to any questions I had and always kept me in the loop of what was going on with the progress of my case. In the 6 months I was with Greg I had more progress than I did in the 3+ years I had with my previous lawyer.

“His paralegal was also very efficient with paperwork, emails, etc. I never had to reach out to Greg to see what was going on with my case as he constantly reached out via email and phone to let me know of ANY changes to my case.

“He fought for me during the litigation process and I had a great outcome to a case I wasn’t sure would ever end before him. He is by far the most professional, ethical and knowledgeable lawyer I have ever come in contact with.

“If you are looking for a lawyer in the Hampton Roads area that will put your mind at ease and will always be honest with you, Greg Klein is definitely the lawyer you need.”

Al, Virginia Beach
Fantastic representation, extreme attention to detail and knowledge in the field of law. Highly satisfied. Thank you Attorney Greg Klein.

Abram, Virginia Beach
“I am happy to recommend Mr. Greg Klein after my experience with his services. Obviously, I found Mr. Klein by being thrust into a terrible situation that I knew was unjust but also knew required strong legal counsel in order to navigate a perilous situation intelligently.

“I was lucky to connect with Mr. Klein. He provided excellent counsel at a very reasonable rate that addressed all concerns and helped effect a favorable outcome in a delicate situation with ramifications that would have significantly affected my life and my children’s lives. He was promptly responsive to all contact channels and very patient and level-headed when dealing with me at my most stressed.

“I hope I am never again in need of such help, but if I should ever find myself in such a situation, I will certainly request Mr. Klein’s services again. Thank you, Mr. Klein.”

Kelli, Virginia Beach
“We are extremely happy with the way Mr. Klein handled our case. Mr. Klein was very professional and always prepared. He always kept us informed of the status of our case and explained the process and course of action in a straightforward manner. If the need ever arises, we would definitely retain his services again.”

B X, Virginia Beach
“Comfortable atmosphere. No fast-talk. No false hopes. As a client, I and my family were always kept in the loop and kept up-to-date on our case. Mr. Klein is personable, patient, and straightforward. My experience here was a great one.”

Xana, Virginia Beach
“I came here with an issue from a previous employer. Employment lawyer Greg Klein worked with me and was amazing. I explained the situation and he found a way to help me. Super quick with getting back with me when any updates came in, and gave me great advice.

“I had no idea what to do in the situation I was in and he helped me with every step. I am very appreciative of everything he did for me. Great place when you need an employment lawyer!”

Winfred, Virginia Beach
“KRS Law was extremely helpful with my case. Mr. Greg Klein was always available when I needed to speak with him and always got right back to me on any questions/concerns I had! I strongly recommend the KRS Law Office to anyone in need of help with a personal injury case!”

Nargis, Virginia Beach
“I came to KRS law firm to obtain a lawyer in regards to an employment case I had against a previous employer. Greg Klein was extremely responsive and thorough. He made sure I understood every step of the process, while working hard to get the best outcome in the case. I would highly recommend this law firm and Greg Klein! Thank you!”

Meaghan, Virginia Beach
“I was at a loss of what to do as far as attorney’s go when I received custody paperwork and Greg Klein is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. He is insanely attentive, has great communication, and truly fought for me and my child. I will recommend him to every person I ever meet. A wonderful human and an amazing attorney.”

Buddy, Virginia Beach
“KRS law and Greg Klein were fabulous! They were able to help out with a rather touchy property issue with very positive results.”

Divine, Virginia Beach
“My lawyer Greg Klein gets the job done! Thank you!!”

Anne, Virginia Beach
“Greg Klein is a good person who is great at his job. He made me feel comfortable and in control of my legal situation. He is timely, professional, and results driven. He put my needs above anything else, including his profit. I highly recommend him.”

Kandy, Virginia Beach
“I cannot say enough positive things about Greg Klein. He confidently took on my years-long, complicated custody and visitation case when my previous lawyer moved on to become a judge. Even after coming in as a ‘pinch hitter’, Greg made sure he had a full understanding of my custody case. I was incredibly impressed by his understanding of my case, his attention to detail, and his knowledge of  family law. Furthermore, I absolutely appreciated his honesty and candor. Greg is a straight-shooter. He is blunt and honest, while simultaneously being extremely kind. Whatever your situation, I recommend Greg Klein 100%. He will not disappoint.”

Mike, Virginia Beach
“Greg Klein met with me in a timely manner, answered questions and kept in touch. He handled my situation quickly and to my satisfaction. Thank You.”

Amber, Virginia Beach
“Greg Klein did an amazing job for me and my coworkers. Would highly recommend him and his company. Thanks again.”

Keke, Virginia Beach
“I would have to say that this is one of the best Law Firms in town. Gregory Klein put a lot of time in and took care of what needed to be done. We put full trust in this firm and they did not let us down. I want to give my most sincere thanks for the most professional representation. You stuck by us through the years with a stressful case. We admire your composure and most important, Your work ethic. Thank you again for all that you have done.”

Todd, Virginia Beach
“Working with Mr. Greg Klein and KRS was a pleasure. Honest, understanding and supportive. I have given KRS’s contact information to others in my personal and professional circles on the chance that, god forbid, they fall into a similar situation. If a lawyer is required in the future to represent myself, family, friends or others in the future, I will, without hesitation, use or recommend KRS.”

Mike, Virginia Beach
“I had the privilege of working with Mr. Greg Klein. He and his assistant Kayleigh were an amazing duo who helped me to navigate through a very difficult legal matter with ease. From the initial consultation to the resolution of the case, each step was guided not only by legal expertise but compassion as well as timely updates. I highly recommend KRS law to those in need of their services.”

Ben, Virginia Beach
“I recently came through a legal matter with Mr. Greg Klein. He and his office display the utmost professionalism and high level of familiarity with family law and legal procedures. He was able to win highly favorable outcomes for me on each occasion and represented my interests accurately.

“Mr. Klein and his office were also always warm, welcoming, and happy to answer any questions I had.”

Elizabethe, Virginia Beach
“My husband and I had an employment case that turned out to be abnormal in the way it dragged out when it should have been a situation that was open and shut. Mr. Greg Klein worked really hard for us and stayed on top of opposing counsel to ensure we would be able to close our case. I’m very thankful for his patience and experience when I had no idea what to do and how he was more then willing to help us in a different situation that we found ourselves facing because of our original employment case.

“I would definitely recommend Mr. Klein for anybody who was as lost as we were and is in need of guidance and help. Thank you Mr. Klein for all your help and patience with us while we were frantic and uncertain.”

Brandon, Virginia Beach
“Excellent representation from Greg Klein!”

Katherine, Virginia Beach
“Over the last 2 years I have worked with Mr. Klein on my case. He’s exactly the kind of lawyer you want to have. He’s realistic, gives amazing guidance, but at the same time listens to what you want your outcome to be. I can’t recommend him enough!!”

Shannon, Virginia Beach
“Mr. Klein and his assistant Kayleigh recently helped me navigate a difficult situation at work. They were kind, responsive, straight forward, and professional. I was grateful to have a team in my corner that i could trust. I highly recommend Mr. Klein and his associates.”

Tania, Virginia Beach
“I recommend Attorney Greg Klein. He really listens and dedicates to the case. I am well pleased with his work and I strongly recommend him. Thanks!”

Jammie, Virginia Beach
“I recently utilized the services of KRS. Mr. Greg Klein was absolutely amazing. He completely made me feel at ease after our first initial meeting, and checked in routinely on the progress of the current happenings (even responding on weekends). I highly recommend Mr. Klein and KRS when legal services are needed.”

Allan, Virginia Beach
“Mr Klein provided me with some very good and professional advice!  Highly recommend his law firm!”

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