You’ll need a work injury lawyer – but when?

Written by our workers’ compensation lawyers in Virginia Beach

A fair amount of injured workers eventually hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. But hiring one at the wrong time can cost you the benefits you deserve.

At KRS Law, we hope it does not happen to you. For nearly 15 years, our workers’ compensation lawyers have helped injured workers navigate the complex world of workers’ compensation in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and all of Hampton Roads.

Don’t make matters worse by trying to represent yourself, or by hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer too late. Following are some KRS Law tips on when to hire a lawyer:

•  If you have suffered a catastrophic injury, you or your family should hire a worker’s compensation lawyer immediately, says KRS Law workers’ compensation lawyer Barry Rowell. Whether it’s a work-related car accident or an on-the job accident, some catastrophic injuries will prevent you from returning the work. You’ll need to be compensated for the company’s neglect and their insurance carrier knows that means big bucks. As wrong as it seems, the insurance company will fight very hard to delay, deny, or dispute your case. You need to hire a workers comp lawyer immediately to ensure your rights are protected, proper protocol is followed, and you do not unintentionally sign something that harms your chances of getting benefits or lowers the total.

•  When your employer ignores your request for workers’ compensation insurance information in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, or Hampton Roads, that’s a strong signal that they may already be covering their six, trying to get you to go in a different direction. If you have been going it alone up until this point, it is now time to talk with a worker’s compensation lawyer, says KRS Law workers’ compensation lawyer Barry Rowell.

•  If you have navigated the complex world of worker’s compensation benefits and submitted your claim on your own, good on you. However, if your claim is denied, you may not want to stop there. One of insurance carriers’ favorite words is “Denied”. The more they deny, the richer they become. Some of the denials are legitimate, and some are not. You DO NOT have to accept the insurance carrier’s decision. You may appeal the denial. This is the time to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer as you will now be battling their lawyers and will have to file formal paperwork, gather and develop evidence to meet your burden of proof, and present your case at hearing.

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